The Raygun is the primary weapon in Commander Keen.


  • The Guns in Episode 1, 2, and 3 don't have any changing effect.
  • Keen Dreams dosen't have any form of gun but instead Flower Power and a Bomb.
  • The Gun type in Keen 4, 5, and 6 don't have a differen't gun type per episode.
  • Episode 3 have Ammo Packs and a gun for ammo refill.
  • When the gun is fired and hits something it appears with ZAP or ZOT.
  • Keen Dreams has a Flower Power, Flower Pot, and Boobus Bomb.



Gun TypeEdit

Eposide 1: Marooned on Mars 5 Charge
Keen 1 Raygun
Episode 2: The Earth Explodes 5 Charge
Keen 2 Raygun
Episode 3: Keen Must Die

1 Charge (Ammo)

5 Charge (Gun)

Keen 3 Ammo
Keen 3 Raygun

The Lost Episode: Keen Dreams

1 Charge (Flower Power)

5 Charge (Flower Pot)

1 Charge (Boobus Bomb)

Keen Dreams Flower Power
Keen Dreams x5 Flower Power
Keen Dreams Bomb
Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle 8 Charge
Keen 4 Neural Stunner
Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine

8 Charge

Keen 5 Neural Stunner
Keen 6: Aliens ate my Babysitter 8 Charge
Keen 6 Neural Stunner

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